INCAS for Men ( Involving communities & Agency Solutions)

The INCAS project has been created by JP Riley and Raymond Lunn. JP and Raymond have five decades of experience in the CJS. JP has extensive knowledge of how violence affects children and how violence -induced trauma can affect children well into adulthood. JP has experience in peer mentoring in prisons on alcohol addiction along with experience in low-to-medium risk forensic units. Raymond Lunn has actively challenged perceptions and policies in the CJS born from his journey as a young teenager through to adulthood and spending time in prison. Raymond’s views on laws and policies in the CJS are cited widely. 

This organic project, for men at risk of offending and/or in the CJS, looks at both the community and how early intervention can be an effective approach. INCAS also offers support for men over the age of 25-years who are leaving prison or are sentenced in the community. 

While drug and alcohol support is available for men via valued and worthwhile agencies such as Inspire, Burnley has no active projects for men to turn to.

Which is where INCAS comes in. INCAS offers a unique support service for men that includes the following:

  • Supported living in a male-only environment (subject to risk assessment)
  • Debt Advice. Our team will negotiate with outstanding creditors
  • Court fines payment service
  • Benefit application assistance
  • Referral to Inspire for drug and alcohol addiction support
  • Dog training and handling
  • Assistance with rebuilding family ties
  • Mental Health Support
  • Vulnerability issues
  • Self-employment support workshops. Registration with HMRC bookkeeping, etc.
  • Skill workshop referrals
  • Painting & Decorating projects in our growing property stock (male accommodation only)
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring (weekends & evenings by appointment only)
  • Opportunity to return after 12-month successful engagement and offer support to attendees.

It is often the case, even in 2014, that men released from prison have no support whatsoever. INCAS offers male-to-male support from those who have been there.

INCAS is available for any male 25+ in of Burnley & Pendle. For mandatory 12-month community supervision following a prison sentence under 12-month, please seek advice from your offender manager for referral purposes.

For further information :

01282 832263 (24 hour telephone line)





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