Stop forced education of inmates

UK Prison reform ideas

Here’s the thing, if you are told as an inmate in UK prisons, to attend education or your privileges can and will be revoked or your issued with a warning. Then you attend begrudgingly but this leads to disruptive classes…

Those who genuinely want to attend education classes should be taught expertly and in separate class rooms so they can get the most out of what is on offer.

I have personally and repeatedly raised this concern on numerous occasions with the oxymoron prison management. Who then decide to ignore it as its does not fit with there box ticking strategy.

Its this ridiculous box ticking that gives a totally false indication of how the prison eduction system is being utilised.

Its saddening  to see inmates who desperately want, for example learn to read and write being humiliated by their forced class mates.

Those that are forced too attend education…

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