Parent’s “Snatch” Child from Hospital

i will not calm down


What a week in the “news”. Yesterday, I was amazed when I read a headline claiming two parents had “snatched” a child from a Hampshire hospital. These sort of headlines grab my attention as a mother. Even though I am without my children, I know the brokenness of this and how I have felt at times over wanting another child to replace the feelings of loss. The mind is a fragile sphere and my own thoughts at times have scared the shit out of me. Back to the headline, on further probing, it emerged the parents who snatched a child, had taken the decision to collect their child from said hospital. I first came across the BBC report. The words that stood out for me in that report were “without consent”. Later news reports declined into “snatched” and the caring British public began to comment on how these parents were abusive, selfish and a number of other adjectives appeared. A “major” investigation was launched and Hampshire Police appeared on camera detailing their concern for the five-year old little boy who is seriously ill with a brain tumour. It has to be said, I have no issue with the police being concerned over the welfare of a vulnerable child, (lest we forget Rotherham) I appreciate the police have to look into a hospital reporting a missing child.

That said, I want to explore why a mother and father, parents of five other children have been subjected to such crucifying headlining by mainstream media. I want to place myself in the shoes of these two parents who have a seriously ill child, are loving parents to all of their children. They are, according to reports, Jehovah’s Witnesses, but whatever their beliefs, as parents in the UK, they have a choice in the medical decisions around their child. As far as we know, the little boy was granted home leave under the supervision of his parents and there have been no reports claiming any of the six children are the subject of any child protection orders. The child protection remains the responsibility of these two parents. Youtube clips of a loving brother telling of his pain at the hands of his poorly little brother have been aired and pictures of a loving mother at the side of her desperately ill little boy have been printed.

The parents have broken no laws. They removed their child from the hospital, as they have not responded to any of the reports in the press, their reasons are speculation only. As a mother, were my child dying, I likely would do the same. I would take my suffering child and spend as much time with him/her as I could and if the end was near, I would rather my child was surrounded by his/her loving family and be there, as a mother holding that little hand as my child passed on into the next world. As a mother, I would want to ensure that passage was safe and be there. That is what I would do as a mother amidst the grief and loss I knew I would endure. I can look back and state this, given I could no longer tear my children up from a war between their mother and father, not knowing the loss and pain I would endure. Ten years of pain, slaggings off from those around me, that I was an unfit mother et al. My children are alive and I may at some point in the future be able to build and form strong bonds, the mother of this little boy does not have this hope.

It is a lonely place at times, being three-dimensional. Of course, the welfare of this little boy must remain paramount. I stand by that, but isn’t the welfare of this little boy the responsibility of the parents who have chosen for him not to be treated at the said hospital they “snatched” him from?  There were no concerns previously over him being under the care of his parents during his home visits. The press frenzy around this is piss poor and on the back of the Rotherham abuse of 1400 girls, it appears orchestrated to turn the attention of the public away from what is systematic abuse of young girls to two parents who are loving and their dying child.

These two parents did not “snatch” their little boy from a Hampshire hospital. They took their seriously ill little boy out of the hospital lawfully and as loving parents.

What is scandalous, is the headlining of these two parents as child snatchers and the press should be ashamed of themselves.

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  1. Hi Tracey Thank you for writing this. I thought it was just me thinking “I don’t bloody blame that boys parents!” I bet he’s being cuddled comfortably right now. Much love, Christine xxx

  2. Hi Christine, thank you for your comment. (Lovely to see you)

    You are a mother and your son was poorly, I know how hard this time was for you when you were unable to be with him. Thankfully now all is well, but as mothers, who would not hold their child close and be there for them? A poorly child must be the angst that all parents fear. It was disheartening and my blood turned to lava when I read the headline. Even today, The Independent is running ‘snatched’.

    Grrrrr. I do not blame the hospital nor the police for the actions they have taken. That is brilliant news, we want this to happen. But we do not want these two hurting parents villified by a gutter press who whip up frenzies.

    Here was me thinking we were a compassionate nation.

    Oh and have a super holiday. (xxx)

  3. Thank you for a thought-provoking, considered and eloquent piece on this debacle. As you explain, there has been no commission of crime, no child neglect or abuse and no sign of anything untoward. How much longer must this charade go on? If the PM is worried about a diplomatic incident post this horrendous error of judgement, he should do the decent thing by dealing with the warrant, expressing understanding at the police action, ignoring the hospital action, or inaction completely and then give a massive fucking apology to Ashya, his parents and the rest of the family.

    1. Absolutely.

      I cannot see how our government can stand by and do nothing? Where is Ms May? Home Office should be involved here.

      Obviously, there have been further reports since the article was written. I’m sniffy around the machine being used as a ruse in early articles on Saturday around the batteries and the unit being a sealed one. That irked me. It was a rich lousy statement. Iphones are sealed units and the world does not have a problem plugging a charger into the wall.

      Police are in a difficult position here. As are CPS, if they do not prosecute under S1 of 1933 act (the only act which is possible here) they lose face. If they do, face a public backlash and what Jury is not going to have at some time have seen the latest round of public support? Unless they live in some tiny island in the Indian Ocean?

      But despite the law, the welfare of a vulnerable child has to include the needs of that child. Aysha ‘ s needs include not suffering emotional neglect and by depriving him his mother and father, who’s the Villain now?

  4. hola buenas noches mi nombre es eduardo y también soy testigo de Jehová, muy aparte de eso si algo aprendemos en nuestra organización es a amar a nuestras familias a nuestros hijos, lamentablemente la prensa amarillista sabe que ese tipo de noticias dichas como ellos lo hacen vende y lamentablemente también hay que decirlo hay personas que disfrutan leyendo eso, solo confío en que aunque la justicia es lenta siempre llega… eso siempre es así… gracias por el apoyo a ellos saludos desde Venezuela

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