Yeah or Neah – “Ex-Offender”

ImageWhat do we think? Should the label “ex-offender” be used? I have been involved in this debate for nearly three years and suggestions from many have cropped up. It’s such a crap term. Ex-offender. I am not one, this I know.  I employ myself and I don’t need to screen myself. I work remotely and the only person who is offended by me is the dog when I haven’t given him his daily milk.

If and when I am in a position to offer employment rather than outsourcing work, I am under no obligation to ask the “have you ever” question… I have no wish as an employer to know the ins and outs of a person’s detailed history. I will have two requirements – can you do the job?  and are you likely to swear at my clients?  I don’t do “blue sky thinking” or “drilling down” and I am never in “agreement” (the word is “agree” and drill down should never be used as a way of getting to the bottom of anything – I’ve known people be sued for coming out with much less than let’s drill down the issue. Corporate bullshite is not my bag and we are not rats in a race.

One rather inspiring gentleman, a poet, goes by the name of Stephen Duncan, informed me weeks ago he was going to use, Future law abider… Those who have never had a conviction, do not go around calling themselves law-abiding citizens, (apart from the comments’ section on the Daily Mail when all that shuddering outrage is pouring out when yet another crime is reported. Oh then we hear about all those “law-abiding” citizens)

I cringe when I see ” Give ex-offenders a second chance” What a poxy, dreadful statement if not a teensy bit patronizing… Should the term be dropped? I think so.

Thoughts are welcome…





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  1. The label that has created an industry worth billions, you may not like it but that’s the way it is. One of the rare occasions where people understand how profound and how embedded the term ex offender is. Shock horror appears before being sentenced time after time by those who reap rewards and dividends from your plight. Not a badge of honour but a permanent stain visibly stamped on your forehead every time one tries to gain employment. Your humans rights are erased and eternal suffering comes to mind sadly.

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